Guest Reviews

Alex Armijo
Chandler, AZ
Reviewed: Apr 24, 2014
Came here this weekend for some much needed R & R. This cottage did NOT disappoint! The weather was mild and breezy, during the day, and crisp and cool at night. We sat on the deck and in the hot tub most of the time, just soaking it all in. The weekend was perfectly relaxing and romantic! We will definitely be returning. What a treat! Alex & Renee
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Jessica Shill
Mesa, AZ
Reviewed: Apr 9, 2014
"We really enjoyed our stay at your beautiful cabin. This place has a homey, loving energy. Thank you!
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Brandon Barnes
Phoenix, AZ
Reviewed: Apr 6, 2014
Friday night - just got in and my first reaction was gorgeous and so cozy. Just like home! My boy friend and our two kids will enjoy this sweet suite over the weekend. Will keep you tuned. Sunday - Had an amazing weekend. such a joyful, pleasant place. Cant wait to come again Thank you!
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Sonja Stubbs
Scottsdale, AX
Reviewed: Apr 6, 2014
Enjoyed our stay. Had a great time in the hot tub and on hikes. Just beware of the shoe stealing dog named Django. He is the sweetest, but loves to run away with flip flops.
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Brad Robertson
Sun City, AZ
Reviewed: Apr 6, 2014
In the course of my life, I have been many places & done many things... I am 51 years old. I have been here 3 days, and I cannot think of a more pleasant experience with the exception of sleeping under the Montana stars while deep in the wilderness... what a beautiful, peaceful & enjoyable time my wife & I had here! The comfy, homey feel this place has is exhilarating! Not to mention the old timey decor & most enjoyable, the wood stove & sunrise view over the valley! Thank you and much props for the hard work you guys put into this place... if I ever come this way again, you can bet this is where we will come... not some damned motel!! God Bless & thanks for the best 3 days I (weve) had in a very long time... with much gratitude.
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Cindy Carlson
Tucson, AZ
Reviewed: Apr 6, 2014
Lovely mix of country and old west decor. The wood stove is divine. Thanks mucho!
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