Prescott Cabin Rentals is a property management company for furnished cabins, cottages, condos, suites, and motorhomes. Prescott Cabin Rentals properties are suitable for weekend, weekly or monthly occupancy. We promote the property, make reservations and arrange housekeeping and maintenance. Settlement statements and checks are sent monthly. If you have a furnished accommodation that is suitable for vacation rental and would like to be included in the Prescott Cabin Rentals program please find the contact info below.

The Prescott Cabin Rentals website has been designed to optimize the presentation of these types of accommodations to the web-browsing market through the use of many, large, color pictures, text descriptions and special meta tags to assure high placement in search engine results. If anybody, anywhere in the world is looking for our type of lodging they will see the Prescott Cabin Rentals website.

Prescott Cabin Rentals also offers property management for second homes in the Prescott area that are not for rent. This service can include periodic inspections for rodent/insect control, door/window security, electrical/plumbing failures and landscaping coordination.

If you would like more information on adding your property to the Prescott Cabin Rentals website please email [email protected] or call 928-710-5029.