Main Points of the Conditions (More fine print is below.)

We expect to get this vacation rental back in the same condition as you got it in except for normal housekeeping. You must inspect the property upon arrival. If there are housekeeping or damage issues that need to be addressed before you accept occupancy you must notify us immediately by telephone. We will do the best we can to fix those issues as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy your stay.

The Terms are for a certain number of people. We make the rates affordable for 2-4 persons and then increase them for additional persons or pets. We expect honesty but will inspect properties during stays to make sure party size is consistent with Terms. We will also charge for what is used ie. excess linens, trash, wear and tear or supplies etc. The total number of persons in the reserved property cannot exceed the number in the Terms at the top of this document. No RVs, tents etc. are allowed without permission. Please be prepared to show a photo ID sometime during your stay.

Cleaning fee is for normal housekeeping. There will be extra housekeeping charges for dirty dishes/cookware in sink/dishwasher/cabinet, burned food in oven/microwave/cooktop and dirty BBQ grill. While we do allow children and pets be aware they can create difficult cleaning issues such as smudges on windows/glass doors and spills on carpets/rugs. Please use cleaning supplies/appliances available under sinks or in closets to clean up after your children/pets. Pet hair can be especially difficult to remove from upholstery, carpets or rugs. You must pick up after your pet outside.

Firearms, paintball/airsoft guns and/or fireworks of any kind are not allowed. Many vacation rentals are in forested areas where fire danger can be high. Please be very careful with outside smoking, grills and fire pits (if available.)

You may check-in any time after 4:00 pm. Please do not arrive before 4:00 pm as we are often finishing the housekeeping or running errands until this time. If you expect to arrive late, please be aware some remote cabins can be hard to find after dark (bring a flashlight to see the code pad.) Checkout is 11 am. In some cases, early check-ins and late checkouts can be arranged for a fee.

Guests are responsible for getting to the property unless routes to the property have been officially closed due to weather, maintenance etc. This includes roads not regularly maintained.

We reserve the right to enter the premises at any time for the purpose of inspection, repair, management or showing to prospective guests or buyers. Showings are rare, and we will make reasonable efforts to advise guests of these visits and arrange convenient appointment times (owners will usually make it worth your while.)

We do not guarantee any appliances. No refunds will be given for malfunctions, but we do promise to get them repaired as quickly as possible.

Every effort is made to fully describe properties and maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness and maintenance. Refunds will not be given for dissatisfaction of location, style, layout, cleanliness and maintenance etc. If your reservation is for a longer time or a particularly important event you may want to preview the property to make sure it is what you want or ask enough appropriate questions. Refunds will not be given for dissatisfaction of location, style, layout, cleanliness, maintenance etc.

If a reserved accommodation is not available due to conditions beyond our control, we will refund all payments and make every attempt to find alternate lodging but will not be liable for any pecuniary or compensatory damages.

We reserve the right to correct mathematical errors made in rate or tax calculation.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Cancellation/Change/Substitution Policy
Because Prescott Cabin Rentals never overbooks units and each is unique in respect to location, size, amenities etc., reservation changes and cancellations are not easily accommodated. There is a fee (25% of total of nightly rate) for changes and cancellations made outside the 30-day cancellation period. Parties canceling within the 30-day cancellation period are responsible for the total cost of any nights the unit is not re-booked, in which case, the 25% fee will be charged.

This Cancellation Policy is different from regular Hotel/Motel cancellation policies. It is also different from standard credit card company policies. If you want to use a credit account to guarantee this reservation you are agreeing to waive your right to dispute any charges. If you don't want to guarantee your reservation with a credit account and abide by this cancellation policy just call Prescott Cabin Rentals to arrange payment in advance by cash or check.

We reserve the right to substitute an equal or better-quality property (subject to your approval) in the event of circumstances out of our control that prevent the reserved property from being available.

The 25% non-refundable cancel fee/deposit is all that is needed to guarantee the reservation outside of 30 nights. Within 30 nights the reservation total is due in full.

Smoking, Pet and Children Policies
The most important policy regarding tobacco is that smoking is allowed outside only. If this policy is ignored you could be liable for minimum charge of $250 if not more. Please do not drop butts anywhere except in ashtrays.

The most important policy regarding pets is that pets may not be left alone in properties unless confined to a crate and won't bark. Pets must be supervised, leashed and cleaned up after at all times. We encourage you to bring pet bedding and sheets to cover furniture to avoid pet hair on upholstery which can be difficult to remove. If your pet disturbs other people you could be liable to reimburse them for their discomfort.

The most important policy regarding children is that they may not be left alone in accommodations and must be supervised at all times. Lynx Creek Farm or other accommodation locations can be an interesting place for children to explore but there are rough walking surfaces, steep hillsides, high decks, pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Please ensure your children don't disturb other people. You could be responsible for costs for cleanup of spills, accidents (including soiled mattresses) or damage caused by children.

Activities around hot tubs, Jacuzzis, pool, decks, beds, fire stoves and pits, BBQs, playground, hillsides, animal pens, pets, pond, creek and swings (if your accommodation has these) are undertaken at your own risk. Be extra careful around these areas.

We want everybody, children, parents, pets, pet owners and smokers to have a good, safe time at Lynx Creek Farm / Prescott Cabin Rentals. Just make sure adequate personal responsibility is exercised and courtesy is extended to other guests/neighbors.

Other Conditions
All properties are privately owned. We reserve the right to immediately evict without refund of payments...

· if the property is used for any unlawful purpose

· if the property is used for an event, house party, wedding or reception without permission

· a reservation is made under false pretense

· if, in our or owner’s judgment, your occupancy is detrimental to the property or neighborhood


West USA Realty of Prescott, Dreamweaver LLC dba Prescott Cabin Rentals, Lynx Creek Farm, LLC dba Lynx Creek Farm and individual property owners are not responsible for any losses due to theft, items left behind, accidents or injuries to guests or visitors due to negligence or lack of personal responsibility. By renting this property, you are assuming all risk and liability for any damage done to person or property, agents, employees or visitors occasioned by the present or future condition of the premises, both latent and manifest.