The Palace

The Palace Bar first opened its doors in September 1877. Although Whiskey Row was known for its many saloons, The Palace was much more than a fancy “watering hole.” Men came in to check for notices of work available; it served as an election central for several area political races and cattle spreads; and mineral claims were bought and sold over the bar. The Palace is still the oldest frontier bar in Arizona and the most well-known and historic restaurant and saloon in the state.
Phone: 928.541.1996

The Raven Cafe

Location: 142 N. Cortiez
Phone: 928.717.0009

The Rose Restaurant

The building is considered a vernacular Victorian and was built some time between 1898 and 1900. It was moved to its current location in 1910. The house was a residence until 1984. At that time it was remodeled to operate as a restaurant. First the house operated as the Terrance House Restaurant, followed by Long Wong`s, Giovanni`s, then TJ`s BBQ.